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Matrox TripleHead2Go
Two might be better, but with three itís so so so beautiful.

By Debbie Houle - Quebec Audio Video
October - November 2008

Matrox, a company located in the suburbs of Dorval, manufactures a small black box that will have several dreaming; the TripleHead2Go Digital. This product provides support for several monitors (up to three monitors) from a single laptop or desktop computer. The connection goes directly from the TripleHead2Go Digital to your computer's monitor output. Your work station therefore offers you an enlarged graphic display allowing you to obtain a panoramic view. This capacity is an ideal choice for video game players, among others. You could also display different information on the monitors according to the work that you want to accomplish. Here are a few of this little marvelís possibilities:

This product is quick and easy to install because there is no need to open your computer case or insert components. (Article translated from French).

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