macsimumnews Review: Matrox TripleHead2Go expands your screen real estate (a lot!)
By Dennis Sellers -
March 2008

"The TripleHead2Go to go is a small external box that doesn't require you to open up your Mac. You connect the TripleHead2Go Digital Edition to the monitor output and add up to an astonishing three displays. If you have a Mac Pro workstation, you can connect the TripleHead2Go Digital Edition to the primary monitor port, attach two Apple Cinema Displays to this unit, and connect the third Cinema Display to the second monitor port."

"But whichever of these Macs [MacBook Pro or Mac Pro] you use it with, the TripleHead2Go Digital Edition works great, especially for those in the mechanical CAD, 3D visualization, and digital content creation & animation business. The device enables users to examine multiple views of a design or project."

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