hardware.gwn.com Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital Edition - The ultimate in widescreen displays...without the display
By James Pikover - hardware.gwn.com
March 18, 2008

Gameworld Network Product Rating: 85% out of 100%

"[...] '[Matrox] Bezel Management', which readjusts the displays to properly show the image on screen and not make the bezel, or the outside of the monitors, ruin it. And that system has so far been flawless by our testing."

"Sturdy as a rock and built for travel (thus, the 2Go), the TripleHead2Go [Digital Edition] is a great solution for anyone constantly on the run and with equally-sized monitors to spare at all locations. The "Surround Gaming Utility" bundled with the software doesn't support a huge list of titles, but it's currently over 200+ and growing. There are four different versions of the hardware, using two or three monitor inputs and digital or analog connectors, ranging from $170-330."

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