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Are you sending all the right signals?

AV Magazine
By Paul Bray
August/September 2015

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Samuel Recine, director of sales, Americas and Asia Pacific at Matrox Graphics, contributed to AV Magazine’s signal delivery, switching and processing buyer’s guide in their August/September issue: "It's also possible to optimize for scalability, both many-to-many (many sources to many consumers) and any-to-any (camera, PC, microphone to tv, videowall, phone and tablet). The unequivocal choice here is AV-over-IP.”

“Once the source is an IP stream, it can be cost-effectively extended, switched, over standard IP switches, stored compressed, transmitted by wire or wirelessly (e.g. to smartphones and tablets), and more."

"Think of AV sources as TV channels, the switch as the TV cable box and the remote as the tool to manage the switch; The switch is something that lets you change the channel on the viewing station."

Read the complete buyer's guide on the AV Magazine Website

How AV Manufacturers are Bundling Products for the Hospitality Market

System Contractor News
By Matt Pruznick
August 07, 2015

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"People tune out when looking at looping content, but they keep looking at news, sports, and other live content."

"The ability to hybridize live-streaming content over IP with content being rendered locally from the digital signage player PC has been demonstrated to keep eyes trained on digital signage displays or display arrays."

“For video-on-demand in hospitality, the recently announced Matrox Mura IPX 4K capture and IP encode/decode boards [can] take advantage of high pixel density displays and provide beautiful content that doesn’t feel like it’s being streamed at all.”

"Customers are best served when [we combine] the right products. [Scala recently validated] Maevex H.264 encoders to stream live content over IP to Scala digital signage players. Panasonic, [as well,] featured live demonstrations of the new Panasonic AW-HE130 PTZ camera feeding high-quality IP streams to Matrox H.264 decoders at InfoComm."

Read the System Contractor News Hospitality Industry Guide Here

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