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Moving 4K signals

InAVate Magazine
By Steve Montgomery
October 2015

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“For the majority of applications, in which a little latency can be tolerated, it is not desirable to attempt to distribute 4K in an uncompressed fashion,” says David Chiappini, VP of research and development at Matrox Graphics.

Building a dedicated AV-over-IP infrastructure for uncompressed 4K is equivalent to reproducing a baseband infrastructure with respect to extension and switching, both in terms of cost and lack of interoperability with currently deployed standard networks.

“Compression is able to handle the maximum levels of quality achievable by uncompressed solutions but at a fraction of the bit rate and this opens up applications of 4K distribution to well beyond the traditional hardwired infrastructure.”

Read the complete article in the October 2015 issue of InAVate Magazine (magazine registration required)

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