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Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital SE Multi-display Adapter Review

By Greg King
July 18, 2014

Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital SE Multi-display Adapter Review

“Using 3 or more displays on a single desktop PC is a breeze nowadays, thanks to the efforts of the three main GPU vendors. The situation is different on the mobile side, however, and that’s where Matrox, with its TripleHead2Go series comes into play.”

“Today, I use a TripleHead2Go Digital SE as a kind of base station at home. My three monitors are connected to my PC, but their secondary connectors run to the TripleHead2Go. This in turn gets connected to my Mac via its Thunderbolt port. This allows me to use my personal monitors when working out of my home office and when needed, quickly return to mobility by disconnecting a single Thunderbolt adapter. It’s that simple.”

“When we first reported on the Matrox TripleHead2Go, the idea of gaming with three monitors was still new to this editor. I was drawn to the product for this single function. It was only after using it for my day-to-day that I learned the true value of utilizing multiple monitors… a lesson that I have applied to my career to great effect. There isn’t a workstation or notebook in my building now that doesn’t connect to at least two monitors. Products like the TripleHead2Go, and its smaller brother the DualHead2Go, allow the use of many monitors from a single DisplayPort (or in my case Thunderbolt) port on a notebook. Retailing for around $250 USD, the TripleHead2Go is a valuable addition for those looking to increase productivity and work flow by adding a second or third monitor to their notebook.”

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