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Product Spotlight: Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital SE

Setting the Agenda

By Neil Anderson
July/Aug 2015

InAVate Magazien Matrox AV over IP

“The world is at a point where it is turning the curve toward total AV immersion,” says David Chiappini, VP of research and development at Matrox Graphics.

“[AV over IP] is going to become the basic method of communication for everything going forward; it’s very technical but it allows for such a level of flexibility.

“Because of that, HDBaseT and other methods of distribution to get many screens to many places will all fall short as IP becomes more and more useable. The implementations that companies bring to market along with products becoming more mature and built out will accelerate the proliferation of AV content to everybody. It’s not only going to be Netflix on your iPhone on the train, it’s going to be people working with five others in their team who are geographically spread out and accomplishing the best work they can for their company. Distance learning will increase as well. All of that will begin to permeate everything we do, whether that’s going to be to enhance advertising work or learning productivity—even entertainment will move in this direction.”

“The pervasive trend that we see is that there’s been a drive to have anybody’s content anywhere and available easily for consumption; whether that’s for visualisation, storage, or otherwise.

“That’s what’s really driven our core technology portfolio.”

Read the complete interview in the July/Aug 2015 issue of InAVate Magazine (PDF)

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