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The Language of AV/IT is IP: Q&A with Matrox Graphics

InfoComm All Voices
By Nermina Miller
July 28, 2015

InfoComm All Voices: The Language of AV/IT is IP

"The whole story of IT/AV convergence and IT/AV communications is here because IT has been gaining so much in terms of enablement and availability and the ability to have enough horsepower to use it the way it was meant to be used," said David Chiappini, VP of research and development at Matrox Graphics. "And the language of this communication is IP.”

"There are many encoding/decoding techniques, but if I had to pick one, then by far H.264 has made the largest impact. It serves 99% of markets with the highest efficiency. With H.264, I can stream to almost anything. My brother has a car that decodes H.264.”

"Today, chips can encode and stream 4K. So, the world is not going to revolve around entrepreneurial, ad-hoc solutions like it used to. It took 20 years for MPEG 2 to get into full stride. It took 7 years for H.264 to get into full stride. It’s going to take probably 3 to 4 years for H.265 to get into full stride.”

"We already have displays from Dell and LG that are bigger than 4K. So, another big advantage of IP is scalability. The minute I can jump on IT and the minute I can compress the signal to a reasonable amount, I can distribute it to mobile devices, I can record it, I can send it to multiple end points—the amount of flexibility and the options available to me go through the roof."

Read the complete interview on the InfoComm All Voices Blog

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