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4K and full HD encoders & decoders

Matrox Maevex Series encoders and decoders stream and/or record multiple or single 4K and/or Full HD channels of video and audio over standard Gigabit Ethernet connections at user-defined bitrates. Maevex PowerStream Plus software is included, offering easy remote set-up and management at no extra cost.The PowerStream Plus API—with access to the complete feature set—and the REST API are available upon request for integrators and developers looking to create unique control application or to include Maevex functionality into existing ones. The Matrox Maevex family of products future-proofs installations and offers options to suit any need. Experience flexible 4K streaming and recording now.

Product Line

Maevex 6150 quad 4K enterprise encoder appliance
includes the full feature set of the 6100 PCIe® encoder card, plus standalone I/O suited to system-independent deployment.

On-appliance features include an LED screen for displaying crucial addresses and system information, plus buttons to control functionality in instances where software access is limited. Zero-latency pass-through ensures delivery of audio/video content in real-time.
Front and back view of Maevex 6150 quad encoder appliance


Maevex 6120 dual 4K enterprise encoder appliance
provides simultaneous dual 4K input capture, stream, and record, with options to stream and record even more channels in different configurations.

Packaged in a convenient, rack-ready, plug-and-play form factor, Maevex 6120 leverages the same industry-leading core technology as the multi-award-winning Maevex 6100 Series quad 4K enterprise encoders, but on a dual 4K option that allows for a more precise fit for dual-input capture and encode applications.
Front and back view of Maevex 6120 dual encoder appliance

Maevex 6100 quad 4K enterprise encoder card
delivers quad 4K input capture, plus multiple encodes to stream and/or record four or more channels simultaneously.

This high-density card form-factor supports up to 68 channels of 4K/UHD encoding, streaming, and recording from a single PC-based system and delivered over standard 1 Gigabit Ethernet networks. The sub-sampling feature provides 4:4:4, 4:2:2, 4:2:0, and 4:0:0 options, to best balance quality and bandwidth demands.
Side view of Maevex 6100 quad encoder PCIe card

Maevex 5100 Series encoder and decoder appliances
provide exceptional-quality Full HD streaming at low bandwidth over standard IP networks.

With H.264 encode and decode capabilities, the Maevex 5100 Series appliances provide zero-latency pass-through or a confidence preview on the encoder. Daisychain capabilities extend network via an integrated network switch.
Front and back view of Maevex 5150 encoder appliance

Industry testimonials

“Ultimately, taking all factors into consideration, especially the back-end flexibility of Maevex, it was an easy choice, and even easier to integrate the solution into the Bell Centre’s AV-over-IP multicast Avaya network infrastructure.”
— Pierre-Eric Belzile, Club de hockey Canadien, Inc.

Photo Credit: Club de hockey Canadien, Inc.

“We feel very strongly that the solutions Matrox produces cannot be compared to home office or consumer products and meet a high grade of industrial standard. Matrox products are built to last; it was a no-brainer for us to select Matrox. It’s a fantastic solution that we foresee using again in the future.”
— Jonas Michael, Clear Channel Norway

“The use of live content within signage is a growing trend. Validation of Matrox Maevex gives our customers an affordable way to add high-quality video, yet at low bitrates, and we are excited to see the variety of innovative projects that will result.”
— Peter Cherna, Scala

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